AccoLift Electric Chain Hoists

AccoLift® electric chain hoists, hand chain hoists, lever hoists and trolleys are high quality products built for long service in industrial applications. All AccoLift® products are stocked at our Chicago warehouse, available for immediate shipment.



Dual Bake System

Accolift Dual Brake SystemDisc type motor brake working with a Weston Style mechanical load brake provides load lowering control. Electric brake is designed for easy access and simple adjustment.

Load Chain

Grade 80 Load Chain

Grade 80 load chain is case hardened and has a high resistance to wear and corrosion. All hoists are stocked with 20 feet of lift. Longer lifts are available per requirement. Zinc galvanized load chain is available as an option.

Heavy Duty Hoist Motor

Heavy Duty Hoist Motor on an Accolift

The hoist motor is a high torque design and is rated 30-minute duty. Class B motor insulation and standard thermal motor protection is included.

Load Sheave/Chain Guide

Load Sheave and Chain Guid from an accolift hoist.

Full floating chain guide assures proper engagement of chain on load sheave. Features 4 or 5 pockets for better distribution of the load.


Rotating lower hook on Accolift Chain Hoist

Load hook is a forged carbon steel hook with a heavy-duty hook latch. Thrust bearing in hook allows 360° rotation to prevent twisting of load chain. Top hook, for hook suspended hoists, is rigid.

Chain Container

Chain Container

Chain container is standard equipment and is either molded with thick polypropylene material or fabricated from steel to securely contain the chain and chain lubricant. Optional containers are available for long lift applications.

Push Button Control

Push Button Control on Accolift Hoist

Compact design to enable one-handed operation. Rated NEMA 4 protection. Mushroom on/off button included. Push button cable has strain relief to prevent cable damage.

Gear Box / Oil Lubrication

Lubrication Teardown image The gearbox utilizes an alloy steel helical and spur gear reduction. Gear inspection and lubrication is Gearbox Gearseasily accessible from the top of the hoist.

Overload Alert

Overload Alert on Accolift Electric Chain HoistInstalled as a load detecting safety device to help prevent overload for greater longevity.

Motorized Trolley

Trolley is adjustable for a range of flange widths. Motor includes disc type brake. Side guide rollers are included to promote smooth trolley motion and to minimize wheel and beam wear. Wheels are dual tread design for
operation on tapered or flat flange beams. Trolley motor includes class B insulation. Motor is rated 15-minute duty and includes standard thermal motor protection.

Optional Motorized Trolley

You can Buy the AccoLift Electric Chain Hoist with a single speed motorized Trolley or with a Dual Speed Variable Frequency Drive with motorized trolleydirect from our newly redesigned eStore.

Upper and Lower Limit Switch

Upper and Lower Limit Switchs on AccoliftPrevents overwinding by stopping operation in the case of overlifting or overlowering.

Electric Control Panel

Optional Variable Frequency Drive on Accolift Electric Chain HoistSingle speed hoists are re-connectable for 208-230-460 power supply. Controls are housed in a NEMA12 enclosure. Control transformer output is 115/1/60.


Optional Variable Frequency Drive on Accolift Electric Chain HoistAvailable in Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for all motions. VFD is programmed for 2-speed peration. Standard power supply cord is 15 feet.